Sensory Saturday: Vision | Sensory Ninja

Sensory Saturday: Visual Seekers

This Sensory Saturday is all about our  “Visual Seekers.”

Children who are Visual Seekers find opportunities to watch objects and lights spin, flash, move, jump, and flicker. My Ninja absolutely loves to watch all the lights at Christmas. It has become a family tradition to drive around neighborhoods at least once a week to view all the decorations.

Here are some great kid-friendly product ideas that you can purchase for your Visual Seeker:

Liquid Motion Bubbler | Sensory Ninja

Zig Zag Motion Bubbler | Sensory Ninja

  • Lava Lamp (personally recommend these for older children as they can become very hot)

Lava lamp | Sensory Ninja

Orbeez Mood Light | Sensory Ninja

  • Spirograph (I absolutely loved this as a kid! It’s a classic, and perfect for any artistic visual seekers)

Spirograph | Sensory Ninja

  • Glitter Bottle (also called a “time-out” bottle) This is fantastic for any DIY crafters. Project Pinterest has a great tutorial. You can also find different ideas for materials on Pinterest.

Glitter Bottle | Sensory Ninja

Visual stimulation is good for all children. The flashing lights on infant toys might be super obnoxious to a parent, but they are helping to develop their Vision Sensory Processing. In addition, a slower rhythmic flashing or moving is calming. It can regulate the visual input and help a child’s respiration and heart rate. The fish tank in your dentist’s office is strategically placed there to help calm any anxiety you might have. Sneaky, sneaky Dr. Dentist.

photo credit: Sean Brown

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